Public Radio International


In addition to serving as PRI’s Interim Director of Communications during a six-month search for a permanent hire, I’ve helped PRI launch numerous programs, rebrand the network from American Public Radio, plan national affiliate events so good that Current Magazine told readers “PRI always throws the best parties.” I also helped craft a Ted Talk that’s attracted more than 2 million hits.

Project: Ted Talk: How the News Distorts Our World View 

Problem: Alisa Miller, president of Public Radio International (PRI), had a great concept and an opportunity to present a TED talk — but had difficulty telling the story in the five minutes allowed.

Solution: Developed a script and collaborated with a design team from Pat Carney Studios to create support graphics — and then worked with Alisa Miller to rehearse and fine tune the script. It has attracted more than 1.1 million hits.

Please contact me for samples of:

  • Collateral I developed to promote programs distributed by PRI including Whadya Know? With Michael Feldman, Schickele Mix and Studio 360
  • Promotional materials to promote industry events that I planned and produced for PRI Affililates
  • Annual reports for American Public Radio and Public Radio International

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